Eagle Asset Group (EAG), is a full service factoring company. EAG can provide cash for every day operating expenses, enabling you to grow your business faster. Eliminate the stress and be paid immediately, rather than wait 30 - 60 days for your customer to pay you. Experience the peace of mind knowing that you will have the cash flow required to run your business, without creating additional debt.


    The dictionary definition of factoring: The selling of a company's accounts receivable, at a discount, to a factor. Factoring provides immediate cash flow that can be used to meet every day expenses such as payroll, maintenance, insurance, tags, etc. Factoring works like quickpay. Once the load is delivered with clean bills, the factoring company will get you paid within hours, less minimal fees. The factoring company then waits until the invoice is due and assumes the responsibility of collecting from your customer.


    EAG can provide steady working capital to help you grow your business by providing:

    • +Stable working capital

    • +Professional accounts receivable management

    • +Free credit checks on prospective customers

    • +No minimum volume requirements

    • +Competitive rates

    • +24/7 online access to your account

    • +Same day funding

  • Our Services:



    Let our experienced staff advise you on credit limits for your customers. We will run the credit reports necessary to help you make an informed decision in a timely manner and monitor any on-going credit changes.


    You will have 24/7/365 online access to submit schedules, upload and save images, view aging receivables reports, and run payment reports. Let us save you time and money by providing all of your back-office reporting functions at the click of a button!


    Take a load off your shoulders and focus on the other areas of your business while we monitor all of your outstanding receivables. We will help you to collect as quickly and efficiently as possible, while remembering that we are dealing with your valued customer.

    Client Testimonials:

    • Starting with our initial transition from our previous factoring company to the day to day challenges that we continually face, the team at EAG has been so friendly and helpful. They are always willing to accommodate us in any way that they can and make sure to handle every situation with integrity and reliability.
      Eric Parish, Gulf Logistics
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